Luxury Cashmere Fabrics

Looking for a special luxury cashmere fabric to be used in a high fashion environment? We believe these fabrics are very special. Have a look here…

Unlike other luxury cashmere fabrics, only very fine and long cashmere fibres can be used to achieve this extra level of warmth and softness in a cloth. Many other cashmere fabrics contain shorter fibres which will eventually produce small unwanted balls on the fabric surface.

Our cashmere fabrics are delicate, lustrous and very soft against the skin and the difference is very noticeable. You just need to touch them to feel something very special.

As you can see, we have 16 colours to choose from and they are all available by the metre.

Our cloth is woven in the heart of the Yorkshire textile industry where skills and wisdom are still available to produce cashmere fabrics for you that are of an exceptionally high quality.

So if you are looking for luxury cashmere fabric, you can buy it here online or perhaps ring Carolyn direct on 01347 878820 for a chat about it.